About us

Activate Software is a leading international software development company that specializes in enhancing home users' PC security, privacy, and performance through cutting-edge technologies.

With over twenty years of experience in the software development and reselling markets, Activate Software has established a flawless reputation within the tech industry. We have provided countless home users with top-tier products while staying true to our core values and vision.

Our Services

For the past 20 years, Activate Software has been providing software solutions to home users, focusing on security enhancement solutions and user-friendly tools. Our one-stop-shop caters to the computer non-savvy audience by providing an easy-to-install solution for all possible computer-related issues.

Our Core Values & Growth

Integrity – Our software is designed to solve problems, address concerns, and reduce any possible risk to your digital privacy and security. None of our products have any additional technical attributes beyond the ones needed to fulfill their designated purpose.

Focus – We keep our software lean and targeted! Our applications are tailored to cater to very specific needs and do not over-feature unneeded extras. This assures you a direct solution to your specific needs without overwhelming and unneeded information and complications.

Simplicity – Activate Software packs professional-grade power and performance in a friendly, fully automated consumer-friendly interface. This allows you to enjoy super sophisticated algorithms without understanding a single line of code!

Privacy – Activate Software’s flagship products and entire essence are about privacy. As such, we do everything in our power to protect our customers’ privacy. Our clients' information has never and will never be used for anything other than the support we are committed to providing them with.

At Activate Software, we constantly adapt to customer demands within an ever-changing marketplace. Our software and services are updated, tweaked, and upgraded to ensure perpetual growth within the software and technology communities.

To ensure that visitors to our privacy software website have a comprehensive understanding of the terminology used in the industry, we have created a glossary of terms arranged in alphabetical order. This glossary will help visitors easily navigate our website and understand the information on our pages.